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General Information about EURAG Österreich

EURAG is an European organisation representing the interests of older persons in 34 countries for more than 30 years. EURAG is a non-political, non-confessional, non-profit organisation and acts in a purely advisory capacity at the UN, the WHO and the European Community. The Austrian platform EURAG Austria acts accordingly.

FOCUS of EURAG Austria:

In the working progress the Austrian platform persues the following objetives:

  • Obtaining the life quality and the self determination of the elderly
  • Maintaining a bridge between the generations
  • Empowering the older generation
  • Preventing Discrimination of older persons


  • Starting a changing process as to the image of older persons in the media
  • Providing an opportunity for self-defense in the Media Industry (Selbstbeschränkungskodex)
  • Health prevention events for laymen (12 years „Gesundheitscercle“)
  • Changing labour conditions for older workers
  • Establishing opportunities for Lifelong Learning (English Club, Internet courses for senior citizens, Internetcafé)

EURAG Austria is financed by projects, sponsoring and member fees.

Foundation of EURAG Österreich in 1994 with the Austrian President Dr. Thomas Klestil. 

Board Members of  EURAG Österreich

Präsident: Univ. Prof. Dr. Ernst Wolner
Kassier: Dkfm. Gert Langer
Schriftführerin: Dkfm. Erika Folkes Geschäftsführung


Advisory Council of  EURAG Österreich

Präsident: Prim. Dr. Andreas Winkler                 
Dir. Dr. Thomas Egger
Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Kolb
Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Pietschmann
Univ. Prof. Dr. Anita Rieder
Mag. Monika Wild